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Our legal services are as follows.

Here are examples of expected legal services we can provide.

Family matters Divorce, Affiliation of Child, Family Register Problem, Inheritance, Will, Adult Guardianship, and etc.
Debts Bankruptcy, Civil Rehabilitation, Private Debt Consolidation, Reimbursement of overpayment, loan shark problem and etc.
House Problems about rental agreement or sales contract of real estates, problems of defective houses, border problems and etc.
Traffic accidents repair cost, economic damages, mental damages due to injuries or aftereffects, death, lost profits etc.
School Bullying, corporal punishment, sexual harassment in school, accidents in school and etc.
Medical accidents patient side or hospital side
Consumer damages Damage due to Internet Fraud, financial products, and etc.
Administrative procedure public assistance, pension, tax, compensation suit against public organizations, discharge demand etc.
Internet trouble ill speech, Internet auction trouble, adult site trouble etc.
Corporate legal service transaction trouble, writing contracts, translation of legal documents from Japanese to English, and English to Japanese, compliance and etc.
Foreigners’ trouble visa status, visa, trouble concerning employment contract
Criminal damage accusation, negotiation for compensation agreement, participation of criminal victims in court procedure, Order for Compensation for Damage and etc.

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