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Chie Fujisaki

Attorney Chie Fujisaki


1986 Graduate from Spanish Division, Department of Foreign Studies in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 
2008 Pass Bar Exam
2010 Registered as Lawyer( Oita Prefectural Bar Association)
2012 Appointed as a member of Consumer Affairs Committee of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations
2017 Appointed as a chairperson of Consumer Affairs Committee of Oita Prefectural Bar Association


Role in other organizations

  • National Center for Promotion of Measures to Prevent Death and Injury from Overwork
  • Secretary for Oita Prefecture
  • Oita Secretary of East Kyushu Family Organization to consider problems concerning death from overwork
  • Vice president of Oita Support Group of suits concerning human right to live
  • Member of Academy to prevent death from overwork



  • First Step Test in English
  •  Interpreting Guide(English)
  • First Grade Financial Planning Technician CFP(Certified Financial Planner)