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Information on Fees


Consultation Fee Fee for Legal Advice by Lawyers.
Retainer Fee to be paid when lawyer starts to handle your case.
(Success Fees)
Fee to be paid for successful results to a certain degree when your case is closed.
Actual Expense/Deposit A certain amount of expected expense shall be deposited when you entrust attorney to deal with your case.

*Please don’t hesitate to ask about payments of  retainer or remuneration in installments.

Consultation Fee

5000yen per 30 minutes (with consumption tax excluded)

*First Consultation about Debts, Internet Fraud Case, Traffic Accidents or Death from Overwork Case shall be free.

Retainer & Remuneration

(1) Civil Case

Standard Retainer or Remuneration for cases to demand compensation,payment of a debt, excessive benefit reimbursement, or to claim removal of building and/or surrender of land.

●Fees for Suit

Fees are set according to the expected economic profits( with consumption tax excluded).


Economic Profits Retainer Remuneration
Less than 1,250.000yen 100,000 yen 18%(of Economic Profit)
From 1,250,000yen to 3,000,000yen 8% 16%
From 3,000,000 yen to 30,000,000yen 5% 10%
From 30,000,000yen to 300,000,000yen 3% 6%


●Fees for Negotiation

 60 % of the fees for suits
The minimum fee is 100,000yen in principle.

(2)Adjustment of debts

●Private Debt Consolidation


Retainer 20,000yen per one debt
Remuneration for successful consolidation 20,000 per one debt consolidation
Remuneration for reimbursement of overpayment 20~25% of reimbursement amount



Client Type Retainer Remuneration
Company/Corporation More than 500,000yen More than 200,000yen
Self-employed individual 300,000yen 100,000yen
Individual not self-employed 180,000yen 30,000yen


●Civil Rehabilitation


Client Type Retainer Remuneration
Self-employed individual More than 500,000yen 200,000yen
Individual not self-employed 300,000yen 50,000yen


(3) Divorce

● Negotiation


Retainer 100,000yen in principle
Remuneration 200,000yen in principle


● Conciliation


(When you make a contract at the stage of negotiation)
From 200,000yen to 300,000yen
(When you make a contract at the stage of Conciliation)
From 300,000yen to 400,000yen
Remuneration From 100,000yen to 300,000yen


● Suit


(When you demand compensation for mental damages)
Standard of Civil Case is applied.
(When you don’t demand compensation for mental damages)
From 100,000yen to 400,000
Remuneration More than 100,000yen


(4) Criminal Case

Retainer More than 200,000yen
Remuneration More than 200,000yen


Rules for Legal Fees

  If you want to check fees in detail, please refer to Rules for Legal Fees(PDF).  

* When you make a contract under civil legal aid system of Japan Legal Support Center (Houterasu), legal assistance system of Japan Federation of Bar Associations, or special agreement about legal aid of insurance companies, legal fees will be decided according to each standard.